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Problem Insalling New Version


Hi Chaos,

You may have covered this topic but I dont speak a word of German so I cant figure out if the posts I have looked at are relavent to my problem.

I have uninstalled the 7.16 CE and then run the 7.49 installation program. At the conclusion of the installation the setup prompts me to run the activation. When I run the activation I get the following error:

Title bar says: Missing File!
Missing File is: d2customtbl.ce

This is a fatal error so the activation treminates at this time. If there are any other errors, I do not know because I cannot get Past this point. Hopefully you know how to fix my problem so I can try out the new version today. I posted this at d2maniacs also but you mentioned there that this is the official forum so I am reposting here.





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