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Hirelings level up tripple as fast as original
Doubled Life, Damage and Armor per LevelUp
Mercs are able to wear complete Equipment (Act3 only 1 shield OR 1 Weapon)
Skills changed
Mercs can use all kinds of Weapons (for example Rogue with Thundermaul) except charspecific weapons


Act1 Roques:
Normal: Innersight, Slow Missiles, Fire Arrow or Cold Arrow, Sanctuary
Nightmare: Innersight, Slow Missiles, Exploding Arrow or Ice Arrow, Sanctuary
Hell: Innersight, Slow Missiles, Immolation Arrow or Freezing Arrow, Sanctuary

Act2 Soldier:
(Combat / Defensive / Offensive)
Normal: Jab, (Prayer / Defiance / Blessed Aim)
Nightmare: (Jab, Thorns / Holy Freeze / Might)
Hell: Jab, (Fanaticism / Salvation / Meditation)

Act3 Sorcerer:
Attention: Hireling from Nightmare and Hell get more skills
Fire: Inferno, Fireball, Meteor, Baal Nova
Lightning: Lightning, ChainLightning, Baal Inferno
Ice: Frozen Armor, Ice Blast, Blizzard

Act5 Barbarian:
Normal: Bash, Stun, Sanctuary
Nightmare: Bash, Stun, Conviction
Hell: Bash, Stun, Conviction

ScoobyD :

--- Quote ---nö haste nicht und äh ich hab keine Ahnung wem ich nen ungeraden preis gegeben habe.

aber wenn ich mich rest entsinne

Können die jetzt Trotz, Macht, Fanmatismus, Konzentration, Salvation und Überzeugung haben.


Trotz und Macht (ungerader Preis)

Überzeugung und Konzentration (ungerader Preis)

Fanatismus (ungerader Preis) und Erretung
--- End quote ---


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