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Grief runeword in old CE 716a


Sup. I play old CE roughly since 2004 and it has special place in my hearth. Recently I started another playthrough and wanted to make Grief weapon for my barbarian. And it was sad to realize this runeword doesn't work for some reason. I tried different "hacks" with mpq and direct parameter, but nothing works I guess due to CE anticheat.
Is it possible to upload mpq with this runeword enabled? Or may be there is unprotected version, so I can try to do it myself? Thanks in advance and thanks for all these happy hours I spent playing Chaos Empire.

There is no support for old versions, as their is no code left at all, so it cant get changed
its just online, cause it has been asked sometimes, like 2 other versions
i m glad, that the server is still alive, even there is nearly no financial support anymore, people can still play

these are the possible runewords of 7.16


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