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Itemliste update to 7.74 and Suffix

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- Itemliste stand CE 7.74
- Suffix endlich da
- nen paar kleine Bugs entfernt.

 Itemliste wieder begrabe :P  :rabbi:

Thanks to ScoobyD

After all years, there is finally an up to date Item List including a new Suffix Page

Maybe its time to think about a 7.75 ;)

Thx to Scooby  :good:
Why not 7.75 :victory:

gern geschehen

auch wenn ich immer noch nicht weis wo die +3 zu allen Leveln herkommen :P


--- Quote from: ChaosEmpire on June 09, 2020, 08:42:24 pm ---Maybe its time to think about a 7.75 ;)

--- End quote ---

Not sure how much work that would be, but maybe we could rebalance runewords at some point? As it's a bit sad that some are never used. Would love some alternatives to the runewords everyone pretty much always use  :im_so_happy: I'd be happy to provide input there as well if required. (the modified runewords won't even need to be stronger than the current most useful ones, they could be slightly worse and still more fun and usable as of right now)


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