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Chaos Core Community - Terms of Service
« on: March 08, 2005, 08:29:53 pm »
Chaos Core Community - Terms of Service

So, after writing the TOS it got lost due to a PC crash, so again a short version ...
Already wasted 1 hour

Chaos Core Community is a big family with a little difference, you can get kicked out of the family if you dont behave well!

 -  Accounts can be self-registered , but you must have an Inhabitant Post in forum   (

- eMail adress in CCC-Profil must be identical to eMail adress in forum (forum acc should be same like your realm account, ask an admin to change it)

- To have and/or use 2 or more Accounts is not allowed on CCC, if 2 or more people play behind a NAT router, better inform the admin
- To login more then one time from one account is not allowed    
I will delete those accounts without asking!

- Characters will be deleted after 120 days of inactivity
- Play fair
- Be friendly  
- Game Names have to show what is played there: eg Act1 Q3 NM instead of fdsdffg
- Respect rules of Clan-Games if you join them
- It is always better to join a game, then to make a new game
- Don’t waste server CPU/RAM and bandwidth
- Don’t use rascism in names, words, acc AND conversations
- Don’t use any dirty language/street language
- Don’t use any kind of cheating program this means eg. no MapHack, no BOTs, no No-CD-Hacks, no KeyGens and so on
- Don’t use Peer to Peer (P2P) software (high ping)
- Don’t use Channel Bots (exluding Clans with a bot in their clan-channel)
- Don’t use Mindblast in Act 2 Desert (Shadow is ok)
- Don’t use MorphAmulets outside of town
- Don’t use Clan-TAGs in your names, if you are not member of that Clan
- Don’t use names similiar to other User Accounts (looks like faking...)
- Don’t fake (this means age, gender, and many other things)
- Don’t be a thief
- Don’t flame
- Don’t spam (this includes also PP, TP, Gimme free items and so on...)
- Don’t blame
- Don’t lie
- Don’t rush
- Don’t leech
- Don’t be a PK!!!

A little note to PK:
I accept Duelling!
This means, both sides have agreed... eg starting with an OK on both sides.
Please go into PvP Area

Hardcore characters won't be restored!

If you are of the opinion someone is violating one or more points of this TOS, please ask them politely to comply. If they refuse or continue to violate the rules, do not argue with them. Just inform ChaosEnergy via PM in forum. Screen shots are always useful.
If we receive reports of violations you will receive a warning or a temporary ban.
In this case PM ChaosEnergy in forum for explanations, information and/or apologies. Repeated reports may result in administrative action.

If anything listed or not listed in this TOS causes problems, it will be addressed and the TOS updated.
We reserve the right to change or update this TOS at any time.

Any attack on the server or host computers will result in SEVERE administrative action. Legal action will be taken where appropriate.

This is a free gateway, all equipment and time is donated.
Please respect this and do not ruin what we have created here.

In no way are we affiliated with Blizzard or

These rules are strictly enforced.
Violating these rules will result in administrative action.
This can range from a warning up to and including a permanent ban from the server and deletion of any existing accounts.
Legal proceedings will be pursued where appropriate.  
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