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ATTENTION: Informations about third party programs (NoCD, Bots, ...)

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In case that you are interested in using third party programs, i can say you that it won't work.

A special combination of files check each other wether influenced by any program that is not authorized or not.
And if one file is influenced, the game will quit or, in case you try to use d2loader, it won't start.

And, very important, don't ask in this forum after bots, hacks etc or why they won't work, it raise your warning level faster than you can say "hack"!

so, play fair, play legit and have much fun!


cant blizzard use this to stop hackings too?

They could, sure, but they won't... We discused in the "Off-Topic Forum" if they could. They are able to do this, but they won't, because a great part of the would leave when cheats aren't possible any more. So you could say, they accept the cheating...Sad but true...

well if they lose ppl they still wont lose any money IMO. they dont profit from us playing on B.NET

actually thats not true.....sites like themoofarm....and online sites like that...bnet can stop hacks...they stop some...but only the repeadtive bots or some of the pay for use maphacks...but they bann cdkeys so people will go out and buy new games for the cdkey.  Bnet sells cdkeys to sites like themoofarm...and even some of the item sites are ran by bnet...and thats sad but true


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