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Problem: CCC realm account register


Tried again and again, still cant..... it said acc already exists.

My ce version: 7.49e, i can play ce in single mode.

Anyone can help me?


hi holy sun ^^

pls first put a post in this Forum  :lol: (do not use the new Button but use Reply Button ^^ )

just tell what u like to do , to play and how old u are and so on then u have to send a pm to ChaosEnergy and ask him if he can make u a acc (because nobody can make a acc on this realm  , only Chaos ) incase u dont know how to make a pm here a link

and incase u want to play on the ccc _server u need the 7.49f version

Have Fun and cya Soon

Thx :)

I will reply that post and PM to ChaosEnergy.   


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