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Hey ya folks, what's up? Gutentag (did i write it right?)! :thumbup:

Khalmyr's here (yep, typed wrong my nick when registering, hahaha, isn't that nice? :wallbash: ) and I am trying to play this so famous game...but not being sucessful!

I'll try to make it short. I downloaded version 7.49e, english version (or so I think it is, seems to be because of the the way, nice image, that sexy archer with the demons is pretty great! :D)...installed (didn't delete my LOD 1.10 data files) and it entered! But, when I choose my char and start the game, it simply stops! Makes that typical WinXP advice sound and stops...

Why is that happening? :blink:

Few things that might help to find out:

1) I use WinXP Professional;
2) My D2/LOD is in French (but I always downloaded the other versions in English and it just worked!);
3) I didn't delete the LOD original data files. Later on, I tried to delete them, but didn't make any difference...

So, what is it? Do you guys have any idea? Please, I'd love to play it as soon as possible!

Danka! (is that right?) :clap:

you should have activated the mod before entering the game... but i dunno if it works with french d2 (who has french d2 anyway -.-), but if it does u gotta use the play english link... but now i don't know what parts of the mod are actually on your system  and which aren't so a complete reinstall would be the best solution imho

/edit: and btw its "Guten Tag" and "danke" :P

olfmo, if he has the picture with the naked archer, he has activated the mod -.-

have u tried to play on a realm? if yes, u have to put a post into the inhabitant thread in the fun section, wich includes the bid for a account on ccc. then u must send a pm to "ChaosEnergy" including the link to your post.

the other way is, to dl v. 7.49 and play on jens server^^

i hope i could help you  :s663:


Thanks for the support, but let me share some thoughts...

1) No, I didn't try to play on the realm, only single player, really...I downloaded this game cuz some friends of mine wanna do it TCP/IP, you know... :rolleyes:

2) In order to play the realm that works with the up-to-date version, I've got donate, that's it? If I don't wanna, there's a free realm for an older version, is that right?

3) I am starting to think that uninstalling and reinstalling would be nice...but, man, only to think I'll have to uninstall everything, reinstall D2, LOD and Chaos Empire! That sucks :thumbdown:

4) I really doubt that my French version can be a reason to screw the good-working of the newest version of the Mod (btw, which one is it? I read something about a version 7.50, is that right?)...but who can confirm that? :mellow:

nobody has to donate to get something, everything is free in this mod...

i know a complete reinstall suxx but sometimes it can't be avoided

the newest version is 7.49e+++ and i don't exactly know about the french version (in fact today was the first time i heard about someone with a french version of d2 and lod^^)


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