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I just started playing Chaos Empire mod. It's the first D2 mod I've ever played and I must say, it's great. It adds alot of features I wanted in the diablo 2 game. I love the size of the inventory and horadric cube and the increased monster difficulty balances all the great items.

A few things I don't like - or maybe I don't understand them:

-I can't figure out what 'Elixer' potions are. I drink one and nothing happens.

-I don't understand why the map needs to be regenerated every time I save & exit game. I lose all my map locations and the map is randomized and unexplored each time I load my game. Someone called this a feature but I don't really like it. Perhaps if I could understand why it is better this way, I might like it more.

-I wish my stash was still in town.

-I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with the eggs. I have an 'upper egg' and a 'lower egg' - what do I do with them. Maybe I missed something in the readme. I did read it.

-I wish there was a manual that explained everything in more detail than the readme.

Other than that, great mod. Wish I could read German. I would look through the forum to see if these questions have already been answered.


Elixer gives u a little exp

and maps...when ure playung un realm its the same..

ur stash is not far away from town, someone always says "u need less then 10 seconds to walk to every stash from a wp"

eggsehlls...yea, u missed smth in the readme^^

and better manuals...that will be a problem for you, cause most of the palyers are german...but if u have questions, just ask, we'll answer them^^

and one stash in in town in a2 in 7.49e+++

Thanks for the answers. Now that I know what the elixer does, I will stop selling them! I guess I can live with the maps starting over every time I exit the game but I really wish it wouldn't do that.

I'll look at the read me again about the eggs. Thanks.

elixir: it gives u 500 exp.

the maps: so, if u would play with someone else, he would see the same map as u. So erveryone would see the same map. so once u saw it, u know everything. Thats no good. this will make runs very easy and noone needs to do anything anymore. Searching for the way is part of the game.

the stash: it should be no problem to get there, but i know it can get annoying.
Most of us wish, it was in town :wink1:

the eggs: u cannot put one upper egg with a lower egg. there are special recipes (but i dont know them).

and the stash in a2 is always in town, not just in 7.49e+++, but also on jen.


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