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HowTo use the game shortcuts to test charbuilds


You can easily test new Charbuilds with using the game shortcuts:

If you start your Diablo2 with adding on of the following shortcuts and then create a new Char, this Char will be at the listed starting Level. You get all Levelup Points for stats and skills, your Char starts in the listed act at CE Piece of Cake* difficulty. But you only have the starting Waypoint from the RogueCamp (act1) and no quests are solved.

*Vanilla LoD  Norm         -->CE Piece of CakePoCNightmare-->CE Let´s RockLRHell-->CE Come get someCGS
Example for used shortcut: "c:\Diablo2\Diablo II.exe" -act3

shortcutstarting Levelact-act116 inactive1-act2452-act3603-act4784-act5965

seems not to work in D2Ressurected


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