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Map changes


AutoMaps in towns fixed
Act 1 New graveyard
Act 1 Town modified
Act 1 Shortcut to Graveyard
Act 1 Shortcut into Underground
Act 1 Fog in act1 wilderness
Act 1 Caves are more impressive
Act 1 New inner cloister
Act 1 New cathedral
Act 1 Andariel map changed
Act 1 Cow Level changed
Act 2 hidden Harem Map changed with the original small map
Act 2 Sewers Level 2 changed
Act 2 New Sun of the altar area in act2
Act 2 Duriel map changed
Act 3 Mephisto map changed
Act 3 town shuffled
Act 4 new town
Act 4 Seals rearranged in complete act
Act 5 Harrogath has spend money into a new well
Act 5 Shortcut to PindleSkin
Act 5 2 missing LavaMaps activated (internal code is EW3 and NS3)


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