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New monsters


New Monsters:

Diablo Clone:
Could be in act5 Lava Caves as Superunique max. once per Game (with up to 3 random abilites in Nightmare and Hell)(E2,EW,EW3,NS2,NS3)
Level changed (75/95/110), Resistance, Block decreased, Damage is original, Experience increased
Diablo Clone Drop modified, different for Normal, Superunique and World-Event(Realm Only) Version

New monsters already in Diablo2 but normally hidden:
(some are not working completly thats the reason for hiding)
Mosquito Nest activated
Quill Bear activated (really silly)
Elementar "Balls" activated
Fallen "volcano" activated

Monster from Diablo1:
Acid Beast (Act1 Jail, Act2 Harem, Act3 Kurast, Act4 River of Flame, Act5 in many many places :)
King Leoric in Act1: Catacombs Level 4
Bats replace the original swarms
The Hidden replace souls (no more lightning damage...dont forget BlackSouls..)
BlackKnights in act4, Iron Maiden already in River of Flame possible
Lazarus in act2
Shredders (Hellfire) replace wraith
Giant spiders (Hellfire) replace original spiders
The Butcher

Foul Crows replaced by mighty dragons


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