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Game Balance


Experience penality on death changed (10 / 25 / 50%)
Normal -25% Resistance, Nightmare -110%, Hell -300% (Display ends @ -100%)
Static in Normal works until 20% life of monsters
Experience constantly decreases, with Level91 drastically
Party Exp from 35% increased to 63%
Party Radius from 2 increased to 3 screens
Up to Level 85 the original Level 25 Rule is working (Monster Level must be +-5 Level, so play normal without rushing)
Unique / Champion Monster Quantity increased (min_max Quantity in normal/nightmare/hell + 0_1/1_2/2_3)
Monster density per Level increased (*1,25)
Min/Max Damage A1,A2,S1,El1-3 of all Monster plus 20/40/60(*MonsterLevel(Normal,Nightmare/Hell)),
Monster AC increased by 10/70/130
Monster AR increased by 20/90/160
Implemented random unpiercable Immunities (1-2)
/players13 is fixed minimum
maximal /players 20 is possible
You now startup in Piece of Cake and end in Come get some


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