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Hey, this is for all the guests and users who cannot speak a lick of german or read it any better.  For all of us who know only a little bit of german from playing CE online :-p

Well now you can enjoy reading thousands upon thousands of forum topics that you couldnt normally (like character guides or exp guides)

This translator works pretty well for translating an entire thread.

To prevent further searching i made this thread sticky. ;)

i used the translator on a text i write in perfect german (no slang, no short words...)

what came out is the following

--- Quote ---Would if one stand assuming that this text here in an entirely normal postal service, it would be understood then if it was translated by this translator? that venture to doubt I yet.. 
--- End quote ---

my (free) translation would be the following

assuming this text would be in a normal post, would it be understandable if it was translated by this translator? i'd doubt that...

so the translator may be better than some others but it is surely not good...

i like to see the original input...

let's see if i can remember it

angenommen dieser text würde in einem normalen post stehen, wäre er verständlich, wenn er von diesem translator übersetzt werden würde? das wage ich zu bezweifeln

i think this was the original text

ok there are a lot of conjunctives (don't know if that's the right word^^) but it is written in perfect german -.-


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