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Hello and welcome to the forum and the modification of the Chaos Empire®.

You will find some very useful informations about the Chaos Empire® Modification for Diablo II Lord of Destruction below. Please read this introduction carefully.

If you have comments or find errors please let me know. ;)

What is the difference between "reply" and "new"?
Yes it looks a bit stupid but there are some people who misunderstand these buttons.

What is "reply"?
With the "reply" button you write an answer to a topic you are looking at.

What is "new"?
With the "new topic" button you create a new topic. Please name your thread right and don't use topics like "help" or "i got problem".

The Inhabitant-Post
What's the sense of the Inhabitant-Post?
In your Inhabitant-Post you should post something about yourself so we can get to know you a bit. We are a familiar community and are interested in you :)
Please share some information...

To keep your account on the ccc realm you must have an inhabitant post, an inhabitant blog or better an entry in the People section.

How to name my threads
If you don't play on Chaos Empire Member realm please put that in your topic.

Name the thread carefully so everybody knows what it is about.

Note: where to post?
We got 4 support boards. The first one is the German Support for german speaking users, second the International Support for english speaking users, third the Game-Server forum for anything about the realms and last but not least the Bugreport and Feedback forum for bugs and feedback.

How to create an account on Chaos Empire realms

The creation of an account on the Chaos Empire Member Realm is only possible after taking over a part of the server costs, which is 2,50 € per month.

For new Chaos Empire players exists a special realm, called Chaos Empire Free. For this realm everybody can create a new account from within Diablo2. This realm has all features but is limited to charlevel 50.

It is very important to read the Terms of Services (ToS). If you violate them you can't just say "i didn't read them".

How to name your games
How do i name my games on the Chaos Empire servers
It works like that :

First of all you look at the join list.

* Is there a game where you can do your quests? - Yes? Then join it instead of creating a new one.
* There is no game matching my needs? Then join a game and ask the players if the want to join you in a new game which you create after that.
* If there is no game at all... create one (if you got one use a mule character because every quest can be solved there) :) )

Choose a good name so players can see what you are doing there.

Full games provide more experience and it is more fun to play with others.
For single players there is the single player mode! Use it if you don't want to play with others.

Min./Max. lvl and passwords are deactivated for game creation!

Have fun playing and let there be many 8-player parties :)

A player wants to start from the beginning. There are only games with act 3-5 open.
Join one or more games and ask them to join you
Because: in one game you can do act 1 and other players can do act 3 for example.

If you want to mule some items, just use any open game. Tell the players and nobody will take anything. If someone does, ask him to give it back and make a screenshot of the log, he will be banned soon.
First Aid

* I can't find Andariel
Catacombs level 4 was designed completely new. It is very big now and there is only one way. If you can't find her at all take a look at page 7 from this introduction.  Andariel isn't always at the same place anymore, as is King Leoric. She is on one of the "3" signs.
* I can't solve the Cain quest (quest number 3) in act 1
Because of creating a new virtual quest, this quest was replaced. You can start these quest only after defeating Baal.
For detailed informations take a look at the FAQ Informations about changed quests
* Where are the "seven"?
The seven no longer exist. Because this area has caused several server crashes.
* Where is the "dungeon"?
The entrance to the Dungeon is in act 5 right under the feet of Nihlatak.
* What is the big stone doing in my inventory?
Just put it in your horadric cube and press the button. You will receive your first set :)
* Why does my teddy not have +1 to all skills and 2 mf/lvl?
Put it into your cube with one of the horadric scrolls you got after creating your char, then cube them.
* Why can't i make my item ethereal?
If an item is indestructible it can't be made ethereal, or in another way: items without durability can't be made ethereal.  :axeman:
* How to socket my items
Any item + doubled amount of perfect gems, as many sockets as you want => socketed item.

For example to get an armor with 4 sockets you need 8 perfect gems.
How many gems an item can have depends on how much sockets the basic item can have and the itemlevel needed for the pre- and suffix.
You can find a list for example on
* What are the oils?
With oils you can improve your items. Press "H" when you are in the game to get the full explanation. Here a list:
Oil of Accuracy: Increases the chance to hit of a weapon by 1-2%, PERMANENTLY, weapons
Blacksmith Oil: Repairs any item to full durability (also ethereal ones)
Oil of Death: Increases the weapon damage by +1 to minimum and +2 to maximum damage. PERMANENTLY
Oil of Fortitude: Increases the durability of an item by 10-50. PERMANENTLY, weapons, shields, armors
Oil of Hardening: Increases the defense of helmets and shields by one and of armors by 2. PERMANENTLY
Oil of Imperviousness: Increases the defense of all armors and shields by 3-5. PERMANENTLY
Oil of Mastery: Increases the chance to hit of a weapon by 3-5%. PERMANENTLY
Oil of Permanence : Makes an item indestuctible. PERMANENTLY. weapons, shields and armors
Oil of Sharpness: Increases the maximum damage of a weapon by 1. PERMANENTLY
Oil of Skill: Reduces the requirements of an item by 6-10%. PERMANENTLY. weapons, shields, armors

Very important: Read the ToS - Terms of Service, so you don't get banned forever because of a violation! It is in your own interest.

List of all Guides
ToS - Terms of Service, so you don't get banned forever because of a violation! It is in your own interest.

List of all Guides

How to use the search button (in german)
Item List

from original Poster - Schnarchnase:
I thank you Chaos for the great mod
I thank you Olfmo and Celial for the english translations
I thank you spaceman2k for the map of Andariel level and Seven picture
I thank you Olfmo for the spam.. i mean "useful" posts
I thank the HC community for all the funny games
I thank everyone who linked the thread in their signature
I thank you of course for reading this FAQ

from DrowElf:
I thank you ScoobyD for the Item List

from Olfmo:
I thank Schnarchnase for this introduction

Hey, i play on version 7.66 of  chaos empire, and there isnt a stash in act1 or act2..thats as far as ive gotten as of now. has the stash been permanently deleted, or what? i need the space and its very would be appreciated, thanks.

Act 1 stash is in the graveyard, in the middle.  Rakenishu is in the DarkWood where Treehead used to hang, there's a circle of 5 shrines there.  BloodRaven was evicted from the Cemetary, and is at the circle of stones where Rakenishu was.  Previous comment about the two being together was in error.

Act 2 stash is by Drognan in the Sewers, level 2.


Ok I read the FAQ as instructed in the opening of this thread, and created an account, (all well and good so far) . next it jumps to "Naming your game"... er.. where's the HOW TO JOIN the realm bit ? When i run Chaos Empure up, i don't see your CC servers? there only the original battle net servers ?

Where do i find the little bit of Info thats missing regarding Connectiing ?


if you start ce you come to the screen where you can choose singleplayer, multiplayer and so on. at the line below multiplayer you find the server to connect. make sure that there is chaos core community enabled.


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