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If you don’t follow all party and map rules beside depending on the new quest you are not able to solve this quest and wont get the new reward!!
If you have comments or find errors please post here.

* Don´t finish the Charsi Quest before finishing the new Quest! Otherwise you maybe are not able to pick up all Quest related drops.
* After freeing Cain, don´t visit Akara until you have got all words, or you won´t be able to pick them up!!!
* Take care that the death hit comes from a real attack skill (not something like e.g. bladeshild) or you may loose the special drop.
* If you kill the enemies from the new Quest in a corner you may also loose the quest drop. You should try to evade this situation.


* The original Quest 3 (Cain) is removed and this quest place is reserved for a new Quest which is only possible after completion of the Baal quest in Act5.
* You can complete this Quest 3 times, once in each difficulty
* The Quest Seeker must sometimes leave the party, because the reward is similar to the hell forge quest which is given only for one player.
* Make sure that the questing player leaves the party for these actions:

* Opening and entering the portal at the “Stony Field”
* When kill Baal in Act 5 for your quest, you must NOT be partied with other questers, and you must be the one who kills Baal.
* When the questing player kills the Cow King, all other players must not only un-party, they must go back to town BEFORE he is killed!
* If you rescue Cain while still partied, you will get Akara reward, but never able to open the needed portals for your quest. This is a warning to leave the party


* The building recipe for the Horadric Staff has been modified.
You need the Horadric Shaft and Horadric Amulet like before, plus 5 special Items that look like slices of bread. The list shows location and respective monsters dropping them. (The colour of the special items is gold, with the distinctive noise of a cube hitting the ground when they drop).
All these items must be placed into the Horadric Cube to transform them into the Horadric Staff.
Act 2 ("CUBE" "ME" "WITH" "THE" and "OTHERS") - 5 Words + Horadric Shaft + Horadric Amulet
Listed in sequence of questing.

* Item (word): ME
Location: In the "Rocky Waste", go to "Stony Tomb", Level 2.
Monster: Creeping Feature (Decayed)
* Item (word): CUBE
Location: In the "Dry Hills", in the "Halls of the Dead", Level 3
Monster: Lazarus
* Item (word): THE
Location: Far Oasis
Monster: Beetleburst (Death Beetle)
* Item: Horadric Shaft (also called Staff of the Kings)
Location: In the "Far Oasis", in the "Maggot Lair ", Level 3
Monster: N/A, drops from the golden chest at Maggot Lair level 3 when it is opened.
* Item (word): WITH
Location: Palace, Level 3
Monster: Fire Eye
* Item: Horadric Amulet
Location: In the "Valley of Snakes", enter the "Claw Viper Temple", level 2
Monster: N/A, drops from the Altar of the Sun when you destroy it.
* Item (word): OTHERS
Location: The "Canyon of the Magi" has 7 tombs, 2 are large, 5 are small.  One of the large tombs is "The True Tomb of Tal Rasha"; the other large tomb is the abode of "Ancient Kaa the Soul-less".  So when you kill the summoner and learn which the True Tomb is, ignore it and search the others until you find Kaa.
Monster: Ancient Kaa the Soulless (Unraveler)


* The building recipe for the Khalims Will has been modified, too.

You need Khalim's Eye, Heart, Brain and Flail as before, plus 3 special Items. The list shows location and respective monsters dropping them (The colour of the special items is gold, with the distinctive noise of a cube hitting the ground when they drop).
All these items must be placed into the Horadric Cube to transform them into Khalim's Will.

Act 3 ("YOU", "NEED" and "FOUR") 3 Words + Khalim's Eye + Khalim's Heart + Khalim's Brain + Khalim's Flail

Listed in sequence of questing.
* Item (word): FOUR
Location: Lost City in Act 2
Monster: Dark Elder (Plague Bearer)
* Item: Khalim's Eye
Found at: Spider Forest, there go to, Spider Cavern
Monster: N/A, drops from the golden chest at Spider Cavern when it is opened
* Item (word): YOU
Found at: Great Marsh
Monster: Dark Wanderer (formerly seen when leaving Kurast Town)
* Item: Khalim's Brain
Found at: Flayer Jungle, there go to, Flayer Dungeon level 3
Monster: N/A, drops from the golden chest at  Flayer Dungeon level 3 when it is opened
* Item (word): NEED
Found at: Cairn Stones at the Dark Wood in Act1
Monster: Rakanishu
* Item: Khalim's Heart
Found at: Kurast Bazaar, there go to, Sewers level 2
Monster: N/A, drops from the golden chest at Sewers level 2 when it is opened
* Item: Khalim's Flail
Found at: Travincal
Monster: One of the High Council members will drop Khalim's Flail when they are killed.[/li]


* The seals to call Diablo has been newly arranged. You only find 3 in the Chaos Sanctuary. One has moved to Izual and the other has moved to the Hellforge.Note: You can open the seals in any order so long as the last seal is one in the Chaos Sanctuary. If you open the 3 Chaos Sanctuary seals before opening both the seal by Izual and the seal by The Hell Forge, Diablo will not be summoned.

Act5 (continuation of Act1 changes):

* If you go to kill Baal for the Baal Quest, you must be alone (as Hell Forge Quest). Only the character who kills Baal will get the quest and the reward.

new Quest Item Solution (based on the German thread from Athom)
Quest related items will only work in the difficulty you find it.

1. Upon defeating Baal for Quest, he drops, only once, the needed Quest Item "Use this to open the Way out of Hell".

2. With this drop and the "Mysterious Book" from Bishibosh you can open the portal to the "Labyrinth" in Act1 Town.

Note: You can get the Baal Questdrop from Damien, too. Him you will find at the bottom of the swampy pit (near waypoint flayer jungle) in Act 3.

3. In the "Labyrinth" you must find and kill the Cow King - you should plan to take some time (3 or more hours are possible) for this part of the Quest, there is no Waypoint and if you can´t finish it, you need to get the parts from point 1 and 2, again.
From the CowKing you get "The King is dead".

4. You need in adition the Quest Item "Fought the Seven", this Item will be dropped from Snap-Chip ... at the Icy Cellar in Act 5. ;)

5. And as the last part you need the "Black Tower Key", which you can get from the Ancient Diablo at Dungeon Level 17. This is not a guaranteed drop - if you have bad luck, you have to make more than one Dungeon game.

6. With these three parts you can cube the "Scroll of Inifuss" and go to the Stones in the Stonyfield, Act1.

7. Then you can open the portal to Tristram. Make sure you are un-partied while opening the portal!

IMPORTANT: Opening the Portal to Tristram gives you only one chance to solve all jobs in Tristram. If you leave the game without having all items, you can´t finish the quest.

8. When you arrive at Tristram, free Cain first, then go to the Cow Level and get the waypoint there. The next step is start collecting the following items, from the three new sublevels there:

* in the Upper middle entrance you will get "Dungeons forever" as reward.
* in the upper left entrance you will get "The real Catacombs" as reward.
* in the cave on the rightside you will get "Cave Man" as reward.
9. The next step is to go to the Cow Level again, and search for "Treehead Woodfist" which drops "Moo Moo" for you. And as the last step go to Akara and collect your Questreward "You are my Hero".

10. With these 5 rewards and the character class dependent recipes (Itemlist) you can cube your final Quest reward.

Note: Downgrading this Quest Reward elements is possible. You can get the PoC and / or LR quests reward multiple times by using the LR and / or CGS quest parts. Upgrading is not possible.

Thanks to webwalker for correcting my bad English.[/list]


--- Quote from: DrowElf on February 01, 2006, 12:14:53 am ---At this time we have no new clues about the mysterious scrolls. ;)

--- End quote ---

I have one bit of information about them.  I got a Mysterious Scroll.  When folks came into my game, I tossed it on the ground, and they dropped due to time out.  Since they were muling in my game, this was not appreciated.  All they had to do to get dropped (their game crashed) was to see the item with the ALT key down to show what the item was and they disappeared.

Also, I have a problem that if I make a game with a Normal-Only character, and quit, and join with another (who has entered hell but hasn't gotten Cain there yet), the game crashes and my machine (win98SE) is hung hard.  I must power-cycle to get back in.  If I quit D3 completely between characters, I don't have this problem.

So, muling is harder.

Is this similar to anything you guys know of (in German threads)?

435A, but that's another thread.

i read something about the scroll problem some hours ago, dunno where, but i thought the user had a very old version...

so it seems to be a 7.65 problem, hopefully joe will figure it out and fix it...

i read some reports about crashing games, afaik it happens when you first join a game with a character you did not use in 7.65 before

" If I quit D3 completely between characters, I don't have this problem."

where did u get D3 ? ;)


--- Quote ---where did u get D3
--- End quote ---
  Well, blame my fingers for wishing Blizzard would hire Joe to overhaul this here game!

Follow-up: the game crash problem is independent of the character used.
Just exit battle-net and re-enter, and the problem seems to be gone.

Also since The Mysterious Scroll is without use, I just toss it and the problem it causes is gone too.


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